051017: 2nd Friday Means We’re at the Elks this Friday . . .


Aloha UFOhana,

It’s that time of the month, aka 2nd Friday Kanikapila, which means we’ll be at the Elks this Friday. Usual runtime of 7pm – 10pm. Tad will be manning the kitchen, so we’ll have dinner that night as well. Sadly, Joe Tato’s in Hawaii attending his Father’s Funeral. Please send your Aloha and good mana his way. We’ll be sure to sing one for his Papa . . . Malama Pono Joe!

This Saturday we’ll be at the Human Race event and we welcome all who are interested to attend and help encourage the participants with our Aloha and Meles. If we play loud enough we may even make them run faster (away from . . . us)?  Anyway, we’ll be in the area pictured below:

Avenue of Flags at the Marin Cultural Center

We’ll be playing from 8:30a – 9:30a-ish, or until there’s no one left to play for. So if you’re an early riser,  bring your coffee, breakfast bagels, flight manuals, etc. and help with this worthy cause. Bring sun gear, water, wind clips, music stands, etc. Remember that Charlotte will be raffling off two Ukuleles to help raise money their Ukulele Music instructor project.

Saturday Kanikapila will be held at the usual time of 2p-4p at the UFOHQ. BYOwnBeverate&Snacks (if you like).

Mahalo Nui to Reverend Chip for hosting us last week! As usual, we had a great time (photos). Followed up by our usual Saturday Second Chance Kanikapila (photos).

Below, a surprise guest at UFOHQ . . .

Can you see it?
There’s she is . . .
Wait, what are those behind her?
Why her ducklings of course! Let see, there’s Huey, Duey, Luey, Chuey, Ah Choo-e, Kabluey, Babalooee, Stuey, Ma-nooey and Frank.

Of course the question is, how did they get into and became trapped in the yard? Well, last Saturday Linda notice that boards on the fence had blown out nearest the school. We suspect that Momma Duck and the 10 Ducklings had snuck in while the boards were down. I then fixed the boards after they had entered. It wasn’t till later that Jake and Linda noticed Momma Duck was waddling up and down the fence line. Probably looking for the opening that’s no longer there. Linda opened the gate and she eventually noticed and lead the family home.

love ravaged by time,
hope floats on waters of life,
ashes of our loved.

We’ll see you folks soon!

Aloha A Hui Hou,

….zzzzzzz …. duck seaon! wabbit season! duck season! wabbit season … zzzzz….


3 thoughts on “051017: 2nd Friday Means We’re at the Elks this Friday . . .”

    1. Holly, Sorry to have missed this one. We’re located in San Rafael. But we’ll be at the UFOHQ (our home, near the Elks) this Friday 05/19, if you’re interested in attending send me an email at Kaleikoa@piko.ws for directions.

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