Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

We’ll be in the Elks Bar again this Friday, however, no casual dinner will be provided this Friday as most of the Elks will be out at a Special Elk Function.

Instead we’ll be holding a Pot Luck instead.  So please do bring a Main Dish to share with your Ohana if you will be joining us for dinner, make sure you bring enough to share with Brudda Mike our favorite Barista –Tender.  Drinks will be available from Brudda Mike at the Bar. We’ll probably have a table near the bar some where for the incoming rations. Not sure about plates and utensils, you may want to apply Murphy’s 5th Law and bring some disposable dinner ware so you “won’t need it”.

I’m thinking we’ll start playing at around 7pm. People can break for Dinner whenever they want. We ask that you all please do help with minimizing the clean up by picking up after yourselves and your left overs. Linda and I will greatly appreciate it. Mahalo once again to Joe and the Elks for hosting us.

On a somber note . . . please continue to send your Aloha, prayers and kind thoughts to Gary, who lost his mother last week. Gary, we wish you and your family a the best, Malama Pono.

Last week images below . . . beginning with Kanikapila at UFO HQ (click the collages to access the photo album)


Then Wahine Moe Moe where we were treated by sassy hulas from our oldest Hula Dancer (coming in at a spry 96), Aunty Ku’uipo! She traveled all the way from San Diego to visit with her Niece and spend a Saturday with her favorite UFOhana. Mahalo Aunty!

1-050215 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

Until Friday and a Happy Mother’s Day to all our UFOhana Moms out there!

Ancient hands beckon,
Eyes full of wisdom flicker,
A kolohe smile . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou,


One thought on “050515: WE’RE AT THE ELKS THIS FRIDAY”

  1. Mahalo everyone! We will see you with Auntie Ku’uipo at the Elks tonight, hooray.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and of course your warm Hawaiian hospitality, such a wonderful world to share, so glad to have found it. And so glad to have my Flight Manual back! 😮

    Aloha and see you soon,
    Dena (and husband Terry and mom Nina)
    and of course
    Auntie (a/k/a Eleanor)

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