082715: kanikapila at the elks this friday


Aloha Ahi Ahi Ka Kou,

Well here we are heading into the last Friday of the month. Which means Fancy Dinner night at the Elks! Same time as usual 7p-10p, please RSVP ASAP,  if you haven’t already, for your Fancy Dinner.  Send an email to j_tato@yahoo.com or secretary@elks1108.org , here’s a link to the Elks Site and Menu for the 28th: http://www.elks1108.org/Newsletter.html 

School’s back in session which signals the end of Summer vacation for many. Though we do have one last Holiday as a last hurrah of sorts, it is kind of sad and amazing how fast this years going by. Though Summer usually is the busiest time for Ukulele Players, the UFOhana is not about to go into hibernation here’s a listing of events for the next two months . . .

1. The Wine Country Ukulele Festival – Sunday, Sept 13, 1:15 – 2:15p :


We’ve been invited to hold a Kanikapila on the last day of the event, Sunday, Sept. 13th. As I understand from Elaine de Mann, though we will need to pay admission  (after all we do all need to support anything Ukulele),  anyone registering for a class will have their admission fee refunded.

Click the above image for a link to the event and details.  We’re slotted for 1:15p – 2:15p. I’m making up Flight Manuals for us and the public, but you may want to ‘come prepared’, i.e. BYOGear,  just in case. Be there no later than 12:45p for setup. I don’t have stage specifics, I’m hoping there’ll be enough space for the UFO Away Team.  I think we were there last in 2011?

Mahalo Nui Loa Elaine for allowing us to participate.

Please drop me a line of you’re thinking of participating ASAP as I need to provide Elaine with a list.

2. Hele On Ukulele 2015 – Sunday, Sept 20, 11a – 5p:

Yup, it’s that time of the year again, and our Favorite Elks Lodge is once again sponsoring the longest running Annual Ukulele Event in Marin County.

This year, along with the competition, we’re setting up an “Ukulele Flea Market” aka “Uku Market” for anyone interested in selling in selling, swapping, or show casing their Ukuleles and or their Ukulele making Luthier skills. We will provide a space free of charge, just bring down your Uke’s and setup your wares. Please leave send me a message at HeleOnUkulele@piko.ws if you’re interested. Please this on to whomever you think might be interested.

Hele On Ukulele 2015

Here’s the Entry form for all you interested in participating, just right click below and select print.

Hele On Ukulele 2015 Entry Form

We need help for this event, let us know if you’re able to assist us.

3. The Zero Breast Cancer Dipsea Hike Fundraiser:

Another worthy case for those wishing to support the Zero Breast Cancer foundation . . . sign up on line at www.zerobreatcancer.org .


Gee, those Keiki sure look familiar . . . . .

Then in October there’s . . .

1.  From Jon and Debbie Cyr:

“Sentimental Journey” 2015   Sunday October 11, 2015

Save the date,  Ukulele Friends Ohana , Lamorinda Strummers and H.U.L.A. ( Tickets  at the door are $9 for adults and $5 for children aged 8 and younger.)  are all invited to Set the tone, play sing and dance to help restoration of The Ship that Rosie Built. Ukulele players and dancers will board the ship and set up, then enjoy  breakfast and play ,sing,dance and take a tour of of the ship….   Details to follow for performers as we get closer to the date.

SS Red Oak Victory


The Ship that Rosie (The Riveter?) Built!


The SS Red Oak Victory is the last surviving ships built in the Kaiser Richmond Shipyards during World War II.  Today, the Red Oak Victory remains a monument to the men and women who worked in war related industries as part of the World War II Home Front. In 1998, the ship was saved from the Naval Reserve Fleet in Suisun Bay by a courageous group of men and women and has been under restoration since that time.

     Pancake Breakfast aboard the  SS Red Oak Victory

Join us on October 11, 2015 for a pancake breakfast aboard the SS Red Oak Victory! The breakfast includes scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, orange juice and coffee! Mimosa’s are available for an extra fee. 

Never been to a pancake breakfast aboard the SS Red Oak Victory? Our regular patrons will tell you it’s the best deal in town for a breakfast with a million dollar view! 

Tickets  at the door are $9 for adults and $5 for children aged 8 and younger.

2. Sharktober Fest! October 17th . . .

SOS! Save Our Sharks! We’ve been asked to help out at the event this year again. Stay tuned for details!

And finally . . . what we did on our ‘summer vacation’ . . . we’ll at least for the last week of . . .

First we play all night last Friday . . . (click images for album access) . . .

1-082115 UFO HQ Kanikapila

Then we played all afternoon at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club . . .

1-082215 SVWC Kanikapila
. . . uh, wait a minute, we’ve been doing that for the last 15 years!

Endless streams of thought,
Swimming up stream over falls,
Trials of letting go . . .

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you for making the UFOhana an ‘Ohana  in the truest sense . . . a family.

Malama Pono,


        1-DSCN1281                   1-DSCN1279
“Do I look heroic enough? Wait! I think that’s my girlfriend . . .  Yo! Fifi!”



Aloha All,

Taking a break from cleaning the Garage from Hell to put up a quick post. It’s  been tough both physically and emotionally but there is a glimmer of light at the end of all this . . . . Friday Night at the UFO HQ! What? You thought I meant the end of cleaning the garage? Sure, it’ll reach a plateau and then we’ll start filling up all over . . . right? Anyway, there’s a lot of cool stuff being put back into the Thrift Shop Universe . . . for you Thrifters out there, “Good(will) Hunting!”

Back to this Friday, we’re meeting at 7pm at the UFO HQ, it’s BYPotLuck, BYOChair (just incase) and BYAloha (always!), end time is “when-evas”. As for this Saturday we’ll be meeting at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, 2p-4p, BYOGear (Chairs will be provided), snacks and drinks will be available for a nominal donation. They are also asking for a $5 donation for entry to help keep the Club Open. Mahalo Nui to Betty Ann Bruno, Hula Mai the SVWC for making all this possible once again.

Also, Tucker Spolter will be starting new ukulele classes at the Mill Valley Community Center on Wednesday September 23, 9:30 beginners   11:00 intermediate. Email him at tspoltz@yahoo.com.

We found our camera so we’re back in business! Here are images from last week. Click collage to access the online album.

Beginning with the Elks . . .

1-081515 Kanikapila at the Elks

Then onto Poncho Villa’s on Saturday . . . it’s was a hot day inside and out, but the UFOhana Pilots soldiered on . . . as did the Hula Dancers!

1-081515 Pancho Villa's Kanikapila

Discarded portraits,
Stare quietly from a box,
Memories released . . .

Ok, I think I’ll go to bed instead of hitting the garage one more time. Hope to see you folks this weekend sometime.

Malama Pono Kakou!


“Damn, missed the Bachelorette again!”




Aloha All,

It’s  the second Friday of the month which means we’ll be at the Elks this Friday. Mahalo to all Elk-dom for being such a great host all these years. Run time is 7-10pm, with a simple dinner served around 6:30p.

Saturday we’ll be at Pancho Villa, 2p—4p, most of you know the rules by now. No parking in their lot, where foot wear (when you hula), etc. Mahalo to Kelly, and Daniel’s PV crew for all they do.

Btw, Tucker Spolter will be starting new ukulele class at the Mill Valley Community Center on Wednesday September 23, 9:30 beginners   11:00 intermediate. Email him at tspoltz@yahoo.com.

Sorry for the lack of photos, our Nikon Coolpix camera has gone MIA, if anybody’s found one in a black case, it’s probably ours. Easy to tell as there are photos of all of us on the chip. Mahalo to Cindy for the photos below:




Ok, it’s back to cleaning out the garage . . . the horror . . . the horror . . .

Silent Empty rooms,
Sunlight burns through stark windows,
Roaring solitude

Mahalo All, See you Friday (or Saturday),




080415: Kanikapila @ Campbell Hall this Friday


Aloha All,

It’s a brand new month and that means we’re meeting at the beautiful Campbell Hall in Sausalito this Friday. Mahalo Nui once again to Rev. Chip for hosting the UFOhana and to Linda Lee for opening Hall to us. Run time is from 6:30p-9:30p, BYAPot Luck as usual and BYOGear, we’re fine for chairs but you should bring music stands, books lights, and the like.

This Saturday we’re at San Rafael Joe’s again, 2-4pm. To make things easier for the wait staff, we ask anyone participating to have lunch (those of you wanting lunch) before the Kanikapila in the main dining area. Kanikapila will be in the Banquet Room adjacent to the Dining Room. Be sure to express your Mahalos San Rafael Joe’s staff when you get a chance.  Let them know we appreciate them making their venue available to us. Also, please remember to pay your bill before you leave, we had to make up for some unpaid bills last time. Mahalo for your cooperation.

And speaking of venues here are images from one of our favorite venue’s the Elks Lodge . . . (click collage to access album)


. . . and one of our newer venues . . . Pancho Villa’s . . . Mahalo Kelly Medina for hosting us.

1-080115 Kanikapila at Pancho Villa's

. . . Liko Martin (lower right) at the SweetWater in Mill Valley, for those of you wondering . . .


Btw, we have some interesting events coming up in a couple months, stay tuned for more info!

daylight melts to dark,
solitary moon beckons,
night tide flows away.

Aloha A Hui Hou,
            “Where’s the remote????”




Sorry for the late notice everyone, it’s been another one of ‘those’ weeks! It’s fancy dinner night at the Elks this Friday and we’ll be there from 7pm – 10pm. See below for details…I’m hoping it’s still not too late to RSVP.

July 31st Elks Fancy Night Dinner

“MMMMM Yummy!”

ELKS FANCY DINNER Friday, July 31st Bar Opens at 5pm Dinner Served in Dining Room at 6:45 Menu Grilled Pork Chops or Fish Grilled Summer Veggies Saffron Rice Garden Salad Dessert $20 per person RSVP Required no later than Wednesday, July 29th RSVP to 415.454.8835 or RSVP@elks1108.org

Also, this Saturday we’ve been invited to perform at the fund raising event below. Bring your Flight Manuals, music stand, and wind clips. We are playing from 11am – 12pm. Be there by 10:30am for setup and sound check. Donna will be providing food vouchers for all who perform. Mahalo Donna and Joe!

After Maritime Day, we’ll meet up at Pancho Villa’s for our usual Saturday Kanikapila.

Maritime Day w UFOs

Below, Friday Kanikapila at UFO HQ . . . (click collage for access to album) . . .

1-072415 Kanikapila UFO HQ

Below, Saturday Kanikapila at the San Rafael Joe’s on 4th Street . . .

1-072515 Kanikapila San Rafael Joe's

Ok, back to work . . . see you folks at the Elks this Friday. Again, sorry for the late notice.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Meaningless Haiku





Hello All,

Hope this finds you all well. I’m fighting a summer cold but sleeping all afternoon has definitely helped.

We’re at the UFOHQ this Friday. Run time 7p – ??p, BYPotLuck, BYGear (Music Stand and maybe a chair) and don’t forget to bring some extra Aloha to share with your Ohana.

Saturday Kanikapila will be at the San Rafael Joe’s on 4th street. We’ll be in meeting room right next door. Run time 2p-4p, BYOGear and BYO$$$ as you may want to consider having a meal at Joe’s. The foods great and it’s a good show of support to our Hosts!

Also this Saturday, I’m holding an Ukulele Workshop at UFOHQ, 10a-12p. We’ll be concentrating on solo techniques for some of our favorite songs, chord embellishments, moveable chord concepts, and strumming techniques. Recommended for beginning Intermediate, but always open to anyone willing to learn, cost is $15. Bring your flight manuals!

Speaking of Saturdays, I want to thank the JCC Away Team for a great “Lobby Band” performance last Saturday at the JCC Hapa Concert. You may already have heard that Linda Bolt, the special events director, says we were very well received by the audience. Below are images from that event (click image to access online Album) . . .

1-071815 UFOhana at the JCC Hapa Concert

Couple hours before, were at Pancho Villa’s:

1-071815 Kanikapila Pancho Villa's

Last Friday at UFO HQ:

1-071715 Kanikapila UFOHQ

Another great weekend on the horizon. <cough>, <cough>, <wheeez> Take Care All!

A warm wave of sound,
An endless ripple of joy,
Winds of Aloha.

Aloha Nui Loa,
   “What’s for Lunch?”


071415: Kanikapila at UFOHQ this and next fridays


Aloha UFOhana Pilots,
It’s  looooong week and we’re on our way to yet another Kanikapila Friday. Which we’ll be holding at the UFO HQ this and next week Friday. We’re going to start this one a little earlier this time, 7pm instead of 7:30pm, same end time as usual . . . till the last strummer falls. BY’aina ahiahi (Dinner/Potluck, something sort of healthy), BYGear (music stands and maybe chairs) and of course BYAloha.

Saturday, we’ll be back at Pancho Villa’s. Usual start time of 2pm but we may end a littler early, 3:30p because of commitments that afternoon.  Mahalo to Kelly and the PV Crew for hosting us once again.

Below are images from last week’s Kanikapilas, click on the collages to access online albums. Mahalo Elks for another great Friday night!

Elks Images, Mahalo Donna for the images . . .

1-071015 Elks Kanikapila

Pancho Villa Images, Mahalo Linda for the pictures . . .

1-071115 Pancho Villa's Kanikapila

See you folks Friday!

Evening falls gently,
Sky blushes pink and orange,
Winds laps on the tide.


“Bachelorette’s on tonight . . . meow”


071015: We’re @ Pancho Villa’s This Saturday


Aloha All,

Just got the ok from Kelly. So spread the word and invite your friends! She is however asking that all dancers keep footwear on. i.e. no BARE FEET. I’m guessing Rubba Slippas are ok.  Also, please remember to NOT use her parking lot. Mahalo to Kelly for hosting us once again.

See you folks tonight at the Elks.

A Hui Hou,


070812: We’re @ Da Elks this Friday & the 31st


Aloha All,

Got the schedule from Joe Tato for our Elks Kanikapila this week and for the 31st. Same run times 7p – 10p. Please make note of the menus below and RSVP requirements. Mahalo Joe and the Elks for their continue generosity and Aloha.

July 10
Casual Dinner (Buffet) $12
No RSVP required
Ukes in the Bar
Pork Adobo
Shoyu Chicken

July 31st
Elk Fancy Dinner 6:45PM (served) $20 pp,
RSVPs required by Wednesday 29th
Grilled Pork Chops or Fish
Grilled Summer Veggies
Saffron Rice
Garden Salad

I also want to thank all of you that participated in the County Fair UFOhana Abduction this year. It was our biggest away team yet! Over 55 Ukulele Pilots Strumming on stage and in the audience and that was just counting the ones I recognized. There were even more unknown pilots in the audience that I didn’t recognize. Mahalo Nui to Betty Ann Bruno and the Hula Mai Babes for their wonderful Koke’e and to Auntie Ku’uipo for her “Lovely Hula Hands”. Mahalo Dena for bringing Auntie up from San Diego to be with us. Mahalo Marion for making possible the honor of performing at the County Fair. Please thank Steve and Jack, the sound engineers, for taking such good care of us. Mahalo Donna, Linda and all that donated these wonderful photos (click collage to access photo album).

2015-07-05 UFOs At Marin County Fair

So before all this funning around, we were at Pancho Villa’s doing our own 4th of July Fiesta . . . Mahalo Nui Loa to Kelly Medina and her crew for hosting us once again. Thanks to all of you that heeded her request not to park in her lot and helped support Pancho Villa.


. . . and before that we started all this at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito! Mahalo Chip and Linda for hosting us and starting this weekend long Ukulele Binge!


And so here we are, approaching the end of another week . . . inhale deeply, hold,  and breeeeeeath  . . .  aaaaaaaahhhhh . . . .

Surge of melodies,
Beautiful blend of music,
Sweetened by Hula .


           r-r-r-r-rowr-r-r-r-r- baby


070715: liko martin aLERT!


Aloha UFOhana,
Just a reminder of the Liko Martin event I mention at our Kanikapila last week. See below for details:
Moon LIKO Poster -01

Btw,  we’re at the Elks this Friday. Usual run time of 7-10pm. Dinner available from the Elks for $12. More details later . . . See you there!



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