020216: Kanikapila @ Loch Lomond Yacht Club This Friday


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,
(RE-posting this because it reverted back to last week – Thanks for the Catch Fred!)

We’re meeting at the Loch Lomond Yacht Club this Friday. Run time is 6:30p – 9:30p. BYOGear and BYAloha. Dinner at 7pm. BBQ Chicken Box Dinner for $10 will be available for all. Mahalo to Leslie Freed and our Friends at the LLYC for hosting us this Friday. This Saturday we’re back at San Rafael Joe’s, 2p –4p. Come early and have a great Lunch in the dining area as there will be no service in the conference room they’re providing for us. Mahalo Nui Loa to our Friends at San Rafael Joe’s for hosting us.
Next week Friday, February 12th, we’re back at the Elks for a Special Valentine’s Day Dinner and Fundraiser. See below from Joe Tato for details:

Join us at the Elks Lodge on February 12 at 6:30PM for our Annual Valentine’ Day Dinner & “Veteran Card Fundraiser”

Help us send gift cards of thanks to our veterans going through rough times. VA Medical Social workers suggestion $20 Target and Safeway Cards for our veterans. If you are unable to join us for dinner please consider donating a gift card to our fundraiser. Drop off cards to the lodge secretary.

Reservation for Dinner Requested by February 10th.   $15 Adult/$10 Kids
Dinner Menu:
Garden Salad
Bread Basket
Sauté Veggies
Beef Stroganoff

RSVP to secretary@elks1108.org or call 415-453-1108
And speaking of the Elks here are images from last week’s Elks-travaganza. Click collage to access online album:

1-012916 Elks Lodge Kanikapila

Saturday Kanikapila Images are below:


Clouds awash in light,
Undulating  in shadows,
Winds dance in the sky.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


        “ommmmmm, ommmmmm”


012816: We’re at the Elks this Friday


Aloha UFOhana Pilots!

It’s been another busy week of ‘stuff’ so I’m late with the post, again. But we’ve got a great Kanikapila happening at the Elks this Friday.  I hear from Joe Tato that we’ve got Huli Huli Chicken and Beef Stir Fry on the menu for that night at a nominal fee. Nothing  like a Local Style Ono-licious Kaukau with Local Style OnoOno Kanikapila! Only here at the San Rafael Elks Lodge.  We’ll be jamming from 7pm – 10pm. Mahalo Nui to our ‘Ohana at the Elks of San Rafael for hosting us once again. They are the bestest!

Our Saturday Kanikapila will be at the UFO HQ, text me at 4153007804 or email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need an address. Run time is from 2-4pm. BYOSnack and BYOBeverage, we’ll have water available.

Good news is that Flight Manual Volume 3 (about 300 pages) is done. I’ve locked it up, done some last minute proofing and will start printing up copies for distribution at next week’s Kanikapila(s). Mahalo Nui to Rick C, Sandy B, John K, and all the others for contributing and assisting with this project. We’ve tried to make it as correct as possible but as with all UFOhana Songs, “Strum at your own risk” or “Strum with plenty others”?

Nohea (Linda) is doing much better, she’s saving up her energy in hopes of making this Friday’s Kanikapila and speaking of which, here’s last week’s images. Mahalo to Linda Albion for manning the camera, that’s her handsome groom below . . . I’ll let you guess which one (click collage to access online album).

Btw, for those of you interested in learning how “Down In Mexico” (the sheet I handed out last week) should sound check it these links on YouTube: 1. PG Version  and the 2. Not So PG Version  The first version is the one by the original band, the Coasters, and the second version is a modern version (which is in the same key as the handout, i.e. you can play along with it). Version 2 is from the movie “Death Proof” starring Kurt Russell and assorted casts . . . a movie of questionable Socially Redeeming Values . . . but fun. Definitely not a “Chick Flick”.


Then is was up, up and away to the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club for our monthly music jam with the Sonomites. An amazing turn out that day, about 100 people, as we ran out of chairs. There was even a special performance of Pixar’s (Someone to) LAVA by the SVUA (Sonoma Valley Ukulele Academy), complete with Keiki Hula. Incredible energy from the Sonoma ‘Ohana that day, what a great way to come back from an extended illness! Below are beautiful images from Brudda Craig of that day. Mahalo Craig for sharing . . .


Now if you missed the fun this time around check out this event at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club coming up in February. We are talking about a fabulous Luau, Luncheon catered by Patrick Landeza, with music by the UFOhana Kapakahi Band, dancing by Hula Mai and then a full blown Grand Theft da’ Kine 2 hour Kanikapila right after! Where else can you get all this, 4 hours of fabulous food, music and dancing, for only $35? Way cheaper than Disneyland but with the same goofy (and lovable) characters . . . and for a great cause too! Buy your tickets now. See below for info.


Then in March we have very cool event coming up in our own back yard . . .  Willie K, from Hawaii, is coming March 5th. He’s a fabulous musician and vocalist with a breadth of talent that extends beyond the Hawaiian music genre. He has the best Willie Nelson impersonation I’ve ever heard, or seen, maybe better than Willie Nelson himself (it must have something to do with his name).  Actually it’s kind of spooky how good it is. Now as if this wasn’t enough . . . to make things even more exciting  . . . are you ready?

The Keiki (current students and alumni) from Lynette Boosey’s Lynwood Elementary Ukulele Academy will be opening and performing with Willie K! In fact, many of the Keiki are about the same age that Willie K started performing at. ISNT’ THAT FABULOUS?!?!?!?!!!!!

Please show your support for our Keiki and Willie K and buy a ticket RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Fyi, Susan, Nohea and I be up near the Orchestra Pit. Lets try and congregate . . . if can, can, if no can, no can. Mahalo Nui Loa to Marion B for setting this one up. It’s definitely going to a major Paparazzi Event!

See below for details . . .

Willie K

Willie K

Saturday, March 5, 2016 | 8pm

Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium
10 Ave of the Flags
San Rafael, CA 94903-5204

One of Hawaii’s most versatile talents, Willie Kahaiali`i (a.k.a. Willie K) will perform a myriad of musical genres, including Hawaiian, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Rock, Country Western, and even Opera. He has played with musical giants, such as B.B. King, Santana, Al DiMeola, Willie Nelson, Prince, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Elvin Bishop, Bonnie Rait, Jackson Browne, Mick Fleetwood, George Benson, Jimmy Buffett and more. Raised on Maui, Willie has been entertaining audiences with his music since the age of 10.
Willie will be joined on stage for a special encore presentation with Novato’s Lynwood Elementary School ukulele class. Join us afterwards for a special CD signing.

$55, $40,$20

Ticket Info:
Buy Tickets

Marin Center

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Ok, I think that’s enough for now . . . hope to see you all this weekend sometime.

Persistent image,
Sweet scents a float in the breeze,
Familiar warmth.

Malama Pono Kakou!

                                    “Yeah, whateva . . . “


012116: Kanikapila at UFO hQ This Friday


Aloha All,

Sorry about the late posting. I’m feeling much better these days so I’ve been hammering on UFO Flight Manual Volume 3, which is about 95% done! Working on the TOC (Table Of Contents) tonight and Appendix tonight, Exciting! So I’m keeping this short.

We’ll be at UFO HQ (email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws or text me at 415-300-7804 for an address) this Friday, Potluck, 7p-10p. Bring something yummy and healthy if you’ll be having dinner with us. Saturday we’ll be meeting at the Sonoma Valley Women’s Club (574 1st St E, Sonoma, CA 95476),  2p – 4p, BYOGear. I understand that there’s going to be a special performance by Allen’s Ukulele Class that day, something having to do with Volcanoes and Love?

Speaking of Classes please make note of Tucker’s Ukulele Winter Workshop below . . .

MVFebWorkshop flyer jan 2016

A float in despair,
An Ocean of circumstance,
Price of happiness.

Mahalo UFOhana for all you Aloha!



011416: Kanikapila At UFO HQ this Friday and Saturday!


Aloha UFOhana,

Well it’s official, the Christmas and New Year Holidays are finally over. Didn’t win the Power Ball, so I guess I’ll keep my job for now, but at least there’s Kanikapila to look forward to!

We’ll be Kanikapila-ing at UFO HQ this Friday (7p- 10p) and this Saturday (2p-4p).  Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws or text me at 415-300-7804 if you need an address.

BTW, This Friday is WEAR YOU FAVORITE/FUNNY HAT NIGHT and BYKauKau (aka Bring Pot Luck), so please do bring a tasty dish if you’ll be joining us for Dinner, your favorite (or funny) Hat and a Song on. Saturday is our usual Afternoon Kanikapila, BYOBeverage, and snacks if you get hungry.

Mahalo for those of you that joined us last Friday at the Elks (below) and to the Elks Lodge for hosting us. You all made it such a great turnout for our first lodge Kani.


. . . and thanks to the Saturday Crew for making Saturday such a great jam! Some came from as far as Sonoma!


Ok, stay warm and dry all. Nohea and I are finally on the other side of our bad colds . . . I think we’re winning! Guess I’ll get back to getting Volume 3 done . . . no, really.

No man no god no
Power in heaven or hell,
We decide to love.


“I’m going to miss you Blue Bear and you Tree . . .”


010516: Kanikapila at the ELKS This Friday


Aloha All,

Hope the New Year is off to a good start for you, Nohea and I are fighting a second cold, getting better but slowly, so I’m keeping this short.

It’s time for our First Kanikapila at the Elks with is this Friday 7p – 10p. Dinner menu will be Tad’s Special Chicken with accessories, available at a nominal fee. Please RSVP your dinner with Joe at,  j_tato@yahoo.com or the Elks Secretary at, secretary@elks1108.org. Mahalo to our friends at the Elks for hosting us once again.

This Saturday we’ll be meeting at the UFO HQ, 2p – 4p. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws or text me at 415-300-7804, for an address or directions.

Below, images from our 1st Kanikapila of 2016 . . .

1-010116 1st Kanikapila of 2016

. . . and our second Kanikapila for 2016 . . .

1-010216 2nd Kanikapila of 2016

Mighty winds blowing,
Dark moody clouds trace the sky,
Solitude in thoughts.

Take Care All,

“A Remote, a Piece of Toast and a Hungry Tuxedo Cat . . . Priceless”


122915: Kanikapila at UFOHQ This Friday . . .


Aloha All,

For those of you looking for a place to be January 1st, 2016,  considering Strumming in the New Year with us this Friday, 7p – 10p at the UFO HQ! BYKauKau (Pot Luck), BYOGear, BYAloha! Come and help is celebrate our First Kanikapila of 2016! If you can’t make 010116 considering coming 010216, Saturday from 2-4 PM at the UFOHQ (if you need directions email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws or text me at 4153007804).

Btw, we’ll be performing at the California Academy of Sciences once again 12.31.15, for those of you interested. We’ll be playing two 20 minute sets 12pm and 2pm. Bring both your Winter and Regular Flight Manuals if you’ll be participating. Also, 1st sound check is at 11:40, so be there no later than 11. Entry for Musicians are from Nancy Pelosi Drive side of the building, mention that your with the UFOhana of Marin.

Click collage below for images from the CAS 12.26.15 event. Mahalo Nui to all that attended and made it such a fun event, especially to Lynette for bringing in her students! We got very positive comments from the CAS staff and looks like it may become an Annual Event for us . . .


. . . . and for those of you who were wondering about the Magic Flute gig on 12/20 click below for images from that Fun Event. One comment from the staff was that, “You Guys really look like your having fun!”  as did they watching us. In fact there was time when I spotted them pulling Ukes off the wall and strumming along. Mahalo to Dongfen for providing us with these great photos.

1-122015 Magic Flute Kanikapila

Thoughts return to past,
Eyes looking to the future,
Songs of the present.

Ok, time to do another NyQwil dose. Yes, it seems I’ve contracted yet another new Cold Strain . . . <cough>, <wheez>. But not as bad as the last one.

Malama Pono All,


“Oooh! Animal Planet’s On! Del, move your fat head!”

                                        “Say pretty please . . . “


122315: No Kanikapila this Friday . . .


Aloha UFOhana,
On behalf of Nohea, Jake and myself we’d like to wish you all Mele Kalikimaka! So you as you guessed we won’t be gathering this Friday for Kanikapila. However, Saturday, the 26th,  a group of us have been asked to perform at the California Academy of Sciences. We’ll be performing two 20 Minutes sets at 12pm and 2pm. If you’re not busy you’re all welcome to come and play along with us and maybe spend a day at the CAS. We’ve had a pretty good turn out in the past, so for those of you that need that Ukulele Fix please come on down! The stage is reserved for the performing band, but I’m sure there will be lots of space in the audience.

Mahalo Nui Loa to those of you that turned out at the Magic Flute Kanikapila this past Sunday and made the event such a ‘pleasant surprise’ for the MF crew. Christian (the owner) was very grateful for the turn out and enthusiasm you all showed. I think it was good ‘homecoming’ for all the Ukuleles purchased from the Magic Flute. It was very generous of him to provide raffle prizes for the performers. I hope to have photos of the event soon, in the mean time here are the images from Friday and Saturday (click the collages to access the albums).

Below are images form PJ Night at UFO HQ . . .

1-121815 PJ Kanikapila Night at UFO HQ

Below is the Saturday Kanikapila . . . where Jack from Central America and Morgan (The Saw Player) joined us . . .

22-121915 UFO HQ Kanikapila

Seconds slip away,
Anxious gazes turn inward,
A moment before . . .

Stay Warm, Stay Dry and Strum On!
                 “What could it be?”


121715: PJ Kanikapila Night at UFO HQ This Friday!


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Sorry for the late posting, it has been a very busy week (again).

So, it’s that time of the year again! This Friday is come in your Fancy Pajama Night (and / or your Ugliest Christmas Sweater) at UFO HQ!  BYPotluck, BYOGear (Music Stands, spare chair just incase, etc.) AND BYALOHA to share with your UFOhana, of course. Run Time  is from 7pm to When-eva! For inspiration, below are examples of Last Year PJs and UCSweaters . . . Click the collages below to access the online albums.


Saturday we’ll be meeting at the UFO HQ 2p – 4p. BYOBeverage, BYOGear and you know what (BYAloha) . . . THEEEENNNNN . . .

Sunday we’re jamming to Christmas Music at the Magic Flute 4pm – 6pm, located at Northgate 1 Shopping  Center. Please bring your Christmas Manuals if you got them. I’m bringing extra just in case. BYOGear (chairs and music stands). Be sure to invite your friends and families for a night of Da ‘Kine Kalikimaka Mele! Consider it Caroling sans walking . . .

Mahalo Nui to all that participated in Kumu Pua Saunders Mele Kalikimaka Ho’olaulea!

1-121115 Kumu Pua's Kalikimaka Ho'olaulea

The following morning we Kani’d at the Fairfax Christmas Faire . . . Jack extends his sincerest Mahalos to the UFOhana for making the Event so special. He mentioned that many of the vendors we’re asking if “That Wonderful Ukulele Group” would be there this year? Groupies?  Anyway, Mahalo Nui to all the Pilots that jammed the afternoon away . . . you are the “Bestest”! Special thanks for Maggie (and Frank) for bringing the “Big Blonde” Bass . . . Maggie was so great at coaxing such a fabulous sound from a beautiful instrument.

1-2015-12-12 Fairfax Christmas Fair

Chilling biting cold,
Warm songs beckons from within,
Warm smiles melt the heart.

Aloha Nui Loa Kakou!

         “For Me???? Thanks Mom!”


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