112515: Kanikapila at UFOHQ This Friday . . .


Hauoli La Ho’omaika’i UFOhana!

Hope you’re all having a great Thanksgiving thus far. This Friday will be “Hana Hou T-Day” Kanikapila at the UFO HQ. Run time 7pm – 10pm, BYOLeftover Thanksgiving fixens, BYOBeverages, BYOGear (we should be fine with chairs) and BYAloha to share with your ‘Ohana.

Saturday Kanikapila will be held at the UFO HQ as well, 2p – 4p, BYOBeverage (water will be provided), BYOGear, we’ll you know the routine by now. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need directions to the UFO HQ.

Mahalo Nui to Commodore Yvonne and Leslie Freed for hosting us at the Loch Lomond Yacht Club this past Friday. No Nessie sightings but check out the other sightings below. I understand that we’ve been invited back in February. Stay tuned for more details, below are photos from that night, click the collage to access the online album:

1-112015 Loch Lomond Yacht Club Kanikapila

Below, Saturday Kanikapila at the UFO HQ . . . mahalo to Becki and Gary for joining in . . .

1-112115 UFO HQ Kanikapila

. . . and for those of you curious about the Elks Thanksgiving Dinner, click below . . .

1-112215 Elk's Thanksgiving Dinner

Joe Tato and crew put on a fabulous dinner for about 80+ Turkey Gobblers . . . Mahalo to Joe and the TDay Warriors!


Parting photos, above and below, of the King Tide at UFO HQ, the tide has almost completely covered the grass fields. Reaching almost 7’, it’s a good thing Global Warming is only a myth?


Swirling currents flow,
Makai surging to new heights,
Na Ali’I kai . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou All!



111815: We’re at the Loch Lomond Yacht Club this Friday!


Aloha UFOhana!

Hope you’re all keeping warm this week. A change of venue for Friday. We’ve been invited, by Leslie Freed, to gather at the Loch Lomond Yacht Club of which she is a member. Here’s a link to their site: http://www.lochlomondyachtclub.com/google-maps.html .  A dinner of Teriyaki Chicken, Pull Pork, Sweet Rice and Tropical Coleslaw will available for $10. Should be a fun night of Kanikapila on the water, Kanikapila O’ Ke Kai!  Hmmmmm, I feel a hula coming on . . . somebody STRUUUUM Me! Run time 7p – 10p, BYOGear and of course BYOAloha to share with the LLYC-ers? Mahalo Leslie for the invitation!

Saturday Kanikapila will be at UFO HQ. You know the drill . . . 2p – 4p, BYOBeverage (water will be provided – no charge), yadi, yadi, yada . . . obla di, obla da?

I don’t have time to build collages for last weeks photos so just click HERE for the Elks Photo Album and click OVER HERE for the Saturday Kanikapila. Sorry it’s been one of those months…Ok, Uh-Bah-bai . . .

Leaves dance in the wind,
A sudden icy embrace,
Winter has arrived.

Aloha A Hui Hou,
101 – Lucas, have you seen Jake?
“Jake are you under my Lamborghini Aventador again?”


111115: Kanikapila at the Elks this Friday!


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Wishing all our Veterans out there a Great Veterans Day! It’s the second Friday of the Month (Lucky 13th), so we’ll be congregating at the Elks. Run time is 7p – 10p, BYOGear, dinner will be available for a nominal fee. Mahalo Nui to the Elks for hosting us this Friday! Saturday Kanikapila will be at UFO HQ, run time 2p – 4p, BYOGear, maybe a folding chair – just in case, no meals will be provided, BYOBeverage in case you get thirsty. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need an address for UFO HQ.

Below are last weeks Kanikapila Images and some from our visit to the De Young Musem’s Na Hulu Ali’I exhibit.

The Campbell Hall Kankapila . . . Mahalo Rev Chip and Linda Lee for hosting us once again . . . click below for album . . .

Then there was Kanikapila and San Rafael Joe’s . . . complete with a plethora of Hula Dancers . . .

1-110715 San Rafael Joe's Kanikapila

Tuesday we joined Hula Mai at the De Young Museum to view the Na Hulu Ali’i exhibit . . .

1-111015 Na Hulu Ali'i Day at De Young

Have a great week everyone, we’ll see you sometime this weekend!

Red Silken feathers,
A float in a sea of gold,
Treasured adornments.

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,
1-DSCN9463 —“Luuuucy I’m Hooome!”
“Oh Great, first Zombie Rats now Godzilla’s cousin is moving in!”


110315: Kanikapila At Campbell Hall this Friday


Happy Day Light Savings All!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far. It’s the first Friday of the month which means we’ll be gathering at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito this Friday. Mahalo Nui to Reverend Chip, Linda Lee, and his congregation for hosting us once again. Play time from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. BYPotluck, BYOGear (chair’s will be provided) and, of course, BYAloha to share with everyone.

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that made “Come As You Aren’t Night” (aka Hollow Eves Night) such a special and fun night. The Great Pumpkin would have been proud of us. Click the collage below for an album of the amazing costumes and décor that night. Trying not to sound biased but I have to say that Nohea did a Fantastic job at decorating, did she not?


. . . and after a frightfully wonderful night singing the night away we did it again at San Rafael Joe’s on Saturday . . .

1-103115 SR Joe's Kanikapila 
Complete with Sarah the Strumasaurus Punkus Rexus! Very cute Miki! Rrrrrwaaaaaaarrr!

This Saturday’s Kanikapila will be at the UFO HQ. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need directions to the HQ. Run time 2p – 4p. BYOWater/Drink/Etc. BYOGear, we have chairs but you might want to bring a small folding one just in case.

Strumming in silent
Desperation, who is this
Ukulele Man?

Malama Pono Kakou!


Oh Great, now the Zombie Rats are moving in . . . . there's goes the neighborhood!
“Oh Great . . . Zombie Rats!There goes the neighborhood!”


102615:Kanikapila at UFOHQ this Friday


Aloha UFOhana,

We’ll be   congregating at UFOHQ this Friday, 10/30/15. In celebration of Halloween we are asking everyone to “Come As You Aren’t”. In other words come in costume . . . if you like. Here are a few sample of “Come As You Aren’t” from days past . . . just for inspiration. We’ll be meeting  7pm to 10pm. BYPotluck, BYOChair (just in case) and of course BYLotsOfAloha to share. Email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need an address for UFO HQ.


This Saturday, 10/31/15, we’ll be jamming at San Rafael Joe’s on 4th Street. Usual time 2p – 4p. They have great lunches available in the main dining area so you may want to considering coming early to have lunch. Food and drinks are only available in the main dining area. Kanikapila will be held in the Banquet room. Invite your friends and family, I’m sure we’ll have some “Come as you Aren’t (s)” in attendance there as well . . . .

This past Friday we were invited to play at the Petaluma Elks Lodge, Mahalo to Wayne Wilson, their Exalter Ruler, for inviting us and for putting that great Pua’a Roast dinner! Hope to see you folks again soon. Mahalo to all the UFOhana members that participated in the event and made it such a happening. Below are images from this past Friday, click the collage below to view the online album. That’s Wayne below with his Parrot “Woody” . . .


The following Saturday we were off to Sonoma for another great Kanikapila at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club . . . click the collage below for album access. Mahalo nui to Hula Mai and the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club for hosting us and for sharing the Aloha.


Graceful arcs swirling,
Glowing smiles & sparkling eyes,
Flowers of Hula.

Have a great week everyone!

Aloha A Hui Hou,
“…. and how long have you been waiting in line?”




Attention UFOhana!

We have been invited to Kanikapila at the Petaluma Elks this Friday! BYOGear, BYAloha, I believe a special Pork dinner will be available for purchase that night. Here’s a link to their lodge: https://goo.gl/maps/vLuvr6hFWhs   Runtime of 7pm to 10pm. Keep in mind that there’s always heavy traffic in the “Narrows” on the way so start making your way down a little early. Mahalo to the Petaluma Elks for Hosting us this Friday. Let’s all do our best to share our Aloha with the Peta-Elkers (?) . . . anyway, you know what I mean.

This Saturday is Kanikapila at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club: https://goo.gl/maps/Ro8YmbrEFVB2      We’ll be there 2pm – 4pm. We’re asking for a $5 donation at the door to help with operations cost. BYOGear, chair and refreshments available.

Man, is it just me,  or are we busy or what?

Mahalo nui loa to Leslie and Michael Freed of Bogie’s Café for hosting us last week. We had capacity crowd turn out that week. We even fed a young wayward Bioneer Couple who thought the restaurant was open. Boy were they surprised to see a bunch of Ukulele Ninjas waiting for them just inside the back door. Even more surprised when we fed them! What great fun and sharing of Aloha.

Click the image below to access the album . . .

101615 Bogie's Kanikapila

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of those that helped with the Sharktober Fest Fundraiser last Saturday . . . David and his staff was very appreciative.  Charlotte even got to teach a Great White how to Hula and to play a Uke! What talent, huh?  We even had Kathleen Jang, our very own Surfa’ Grrrrrl, show up and do a hula for us. Click below for more images . . .

101715 Sharktoberfest

A force of nature,
Forever swimming to live,
A link in the chain



“Aaaaaaah . . . this is the life . . . . a little lower . . . “

101215: We’re aT Bogie’s café this friday (Part 2)


Aloha All,

As mentioned in a previous blog, we’ll be congregating at Bogie’s Café, in Santa Venetia, right across from the Civic Center, this Friday, 7p – 9:30p. BYPotLuck, BYGear (Chairs Provided), BYAloha (as always). We hope to dine before the Kanikapila so please bring your Kaukau early if possible. Mahalo to Leslie and Michael for hosting us this Friday!

Mahalo Nui to Brudda Jon and Sista Debbie “Rosie Da Riveter” Cyr for inviting the UFOhana to participate in the Red Oak Victory Ship fundraiser. We hope it was a successful one for the Museum. Mahalo to all the UFOhana Pilots that attended and made it such a fun event!


And here are the images from that event, click the collages below to access the album . . .  Skipperrrrrrrrrr!

1-101115 Red Oak Victory Kanikapila

Here are the images from Friday Kanikapila.

1-100915 UFO HQ Kanikapila

And here are the Saturday Kanikapila photos . . .


Don’t forget October 17th, Saturday, we’re going to Kanikapila (starting at 11am till when ever) at the Sharktoberfest. See below for details. Let me know if you’ll be helping out Brudda David McGuire and joining us on this one.  Help preserve an important member of our Aquatic Environment . . . Mahalo. Btw, check out our logo down below in the poster!


Have a great week everyone, see you Friday and or Saturday!

Floating Gray Lady,
Art of warrior women,
Still graceful in age.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


100615: Kanikapila at UFO HQ this Friday & Saturday!


Aloha Kakou,

Hope this finds you all doing well. This Friday we’ll be Strumming in for a Landing at UFO HQ from 7pm – 10pm-ish. BYPotluck, BYGear, BYOBeverage and BYAloha! Saturday we’ll gather at UFO HQ 2pm – 4pm. No Food Service on this Flight, BYOBeverage. We also need Bass Players for this Friday and Saturday, if you’re available please send me an email at Kaleikoa@piko.ws . Mahalo Nui Loa to Brudda John, Ted, Fred, Kimo, Mike, Little Mark, and Sandy for keeping us on time these past years, you are the Pana (heartbeats) of our ‘Ohana.

And as a reminder, this Sunday we’ll be at the following fundraiser. Please join in if you can and help preserve a piece of our and Rosie’s history:

Hello Del and Linda,

Getting things together for the pancake breakfast on the Red Oak Victory,
Sunday October 11, 2015  9-11am we’ll get there at 830am eat then play and tour the ship.
My plan is to have PA system in place and we can just plug-in and play…
Can you give me a list of 6 songs you can lead maybe Hawaiian if some HULA dancers can come…
(I chose our favorite hulas: Red Hibiscus and Koke’e)
Then I will come up with 6 songs to lead …And the leader of Lamorinda will come up with 6 songs..
We will all sit/stand together and play together I will make song sheets/Books for everyone…
So glad UFOhana can be part of this fundraiser,


Please let me know if you’ll be participating October 11th at the Victory Red Oak event. 
Click the image below to access the Victory Red Oak Museum Site.


Below, Rev. Chip doing the Moloka’i Slide at our Campbell Hall Kanikapila (click image to access album):

100215 Campbell Hall Kanikapila

Below, Saturday Kanikapila . . .


Oh, don’t forget October 17th, Saturday, we’re going to Kanikapila at the Sharktoberfest. See below for details. Let me know if you’ll be helping out Brudda David McGuire and joining us on this one.  Help preserve something just as or maybe more important than our history, our Aquatic Environment . . . Mahalo. Btw, check out our logo down below in the poster!


Cold, dark and silent,
Cursed to forever swim on.
Mano Ali’i

Aloha A Hui Hou!


“. . . meeeeeooooowww . . . baby . . . “


10.01.15: This Saturday Kanikapila at UFO hQ


Aloha All,
Sorry about forgetting to post this. We’ll be meeting at UFO HQ this Saturday Kanikapila, 2p – 4p, BYOMusicStand, BYOBeverage, BYAloha to share with your fellow Ukulele Pilots. I think we’re ok on chairs, but you might want to bring a folding one and leave it in your car just in case. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws or post a comment on the blog if you need an address to The HQ.

Aloha Brudda Ted, can you play Bass this Saturday? Mahalo Brudda Fred for volunteering to play bass this Friday!



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